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Robert CravottaRobert Cravotta
Hidden interfaces: a new playground for embedded innovations
Published March 15th, 2012

Max BaronMax Baron
One Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words
Published April 18th, 2012

Mark PitchfordVoices of Industry
Unit test tools and automatic test generation
Published March 19th, 2012
By Mark Pitchford at LDRA

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The Embedded Insights Lowdown

Embedded Insights "Basics"

The "Basics" Information Center is the home for original and supplemental material for tutorials and coursework. The inaugural material contains low power optimization datasheets that apply the concepts presented in Robert Cravotta's presentation in the EE Times Fundamentals on Low Power Design using the Intel Atom processor course to processors from a variety of companies and processor architectures. The datasheets represent an experiment with providing system level information about a processor's low power resources and features that will be added to the Embedded Processing Directory. Check out the datasheets and let us know how you think we can make them better.

EPDEmbedded Processing Directory
Last Updated February 21st, 2010!

The Embedded Processing Directory collects a wealth of information from more than 80 processor manufacturers and IP core suppliers into a single repository that embedded developers use to research and select the processors that will become the heart of their designs. Designers are able to drill down through the information in the compendium based on company name, architecture size, and target application space. If you are a manufacturer and would like to find out how to participate in this effort and include your parts, please contact us.

Embedded Insights Newsletter
2011, Issue 9 - Published September 16th, 2011!

The Embedded Insights Newsletter is a free bi-weekly e-newsletter for embedded developers that includes information and insights into design principles and industry trends. Each issue highlights articles, tools, and the "word on the street" for embedded systems. Rotating features include summaries of past questions of the week and highlights from active discussions in the embedded insights channels, as well as some light-hearted features. The newsletter is sent out on Thursdays.

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Recent Channel Updates

Archive Mode and Encore Info
Posted by Robert Cravotta on June 14, 2013

I have put Embedded Insights into archive mode. Please visit Encore Info to see our semiconductor research reports. Our first report is available now and is titled “Connected/Smart Device Semiconductor Forecast 2011-2017.”

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Eclipse and NetBeans replacing embedded IDEs (part 3)
Posted by Robert Cravotta on June 12, 2012

Embedded development tools have been migrating to open source IDE platforms. These IDEs provide a similar platform for tool developers, but there are a couple of considerations when choosing which platform to host development tools targeting embedded systems.

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Eclipse and NetBeans replacing embedded IDEs (part 2)
Posted by Robert Cravotta on May 17, 2012

Embedded development tools have been migrating to open source IDE platforms. There are a number of reasons why embedded development tools have been moving away from home grown IDEs.

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Eclipse and NetBeans replacing embedded IDEs (part 1)
Posted by Robert Cravotta on April 25, 2012

Prior to the existence of either the Eclipse or NetBeans open source IDE platforms, embedded development tool providers offered command line tools and their own home-built IDEs. Since 2004, embedded development tools have been migrating to open source IDE platforms.

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One Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words
Posted by Max Baron on April 18, 2012

The San Jose Mercury News described Facebook’s recent acquisition of Instagram for $1 Billion as a deal that “surprised and stunned the tech world.” The surprise will, however, turn to shock and admiration once the free Instagram app is put though its paces. Shock at the program’s engineering simplicity and admiration for those that gained [...]

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Word on the Street

SOC Central

SOC Central

SOCcentral.com provides news, articles and a host of other information about ASIC, FPGA and SoC design, intellectual property (IP), EDA and EDA tools, and directory listings for more than 2000 suppliers.

Low-Power Publications

Low-Power Publications

Low-Power Design and Low-Power Wireless are design sites that are all about energy efficient design. The power management techniques first developed for portable devices apply equally well to their plugged-in brethren. The site features staff written and aggregated news as well as in-depth design articles.

Gabe on EDA

Gabe on EDA

GABE on EDA hosts thoughtful analysis of the semiconductors and EDA industry. It also offers reference tables of EDA vendors and the EDA Market information service.

Energy Harvesting Network

The Energy Harvesting Network is an EPSRC funded network of UK academic and industrial researchers and end-users of EH (energy harvesting) technology. The primary objectives of the Network are to: identify new challenges in EH research; facilitate the interaction and mobility of EH researchers; and support the dissemination of the advances in the science and the developments of the technology. A total of 88 people from 61 companies and institutions are currently registered with the Energy Harvesting Network.