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Editorial Call for Embedded Insights (January 27, 2011)

Article Sourcing

Robert is sourcing articles for Embedded Insights and Low-Power Design.

Robert is beginning work on an article covering embedded connectivity with microcontrollers. The topic may cover any type of connectivity technology including USB, Ethernet, Stacks, as well as trade-offs between different serial connectivity interfaces. He is interested in sourcing information about integrated connectivity peripherals, software stacks, operating system support, and software development tool support.

Deadline: sourcing calls are being scheduled through February 10th.

Question of the Week

Do you, you company, or clients have a question you would like to ask embedded developers? Email Robert any questions you would like him to ask embedded designers.

Deadline: This is an on-going feature – there is no deadline.

Voices of Industry

Embedded Insights publishes contributed articles. Email Robert for more information if you would like to place an article.

Deadline: This is an on-going feature – there is no deadline.

Embedded Processing Directory

An editorial call to add and update DSP entries in the Embedded Processing Directory will be going out in early February. If you or your client has DSP products or software development tools, email Robert to make sure you receive that editorial call.

Deadline: Updates are a regular on-going feature – there is no deadline.

Editorial Call for Embedded Insights (August 2, 2010)

Article Sourcing

Robert is sourcing articles for Embedded Insights and Low-Power Design covering:

1. Robert is exploring third party development ecosystem partnerships. Does your company have a third party development ecosystem? What kind of partners does it contain and how do designers access those resources?

2. Embedded Software – Robert is exploring RTOSes. What is the state-of-the-art, who uses them, and why (and why not).

3. Using touch development kits (buttons and screens - ongoing project)

We are looking for product and development support information as well as contributed articles for these topics. Please send Robert applicable information as URLs, Word, or PowerPoint documents if available.

Embedded Processing Directory

The Embedded Processing Directory online reports were updated last week. To verify your own entries, visit the directory page and check out the "All Processors by Company" report. You can download logo graphics to include on your company website at www.embeddedinsights.com/ei_download.php?file=eilogos. Email Robert to get a tracking link so that we can tell you how many people follow the link; otherwise use www.embeddedinsights.com/directory.

Editorial deadline: Friday August 13, 2010

Weekly Editorial Call

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Essential to being able to write valuable articles for embedded designers is the ability to meet and source with the experts in the field. This weekly editorial call is an open communication path so that you can find out when your expertise relates to topics we are researching for a future article. The editorial call also includes when and where we are travelling so we can schedule face-to-face meetings when we will be in the same area or event.

Editorial Call Archives

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