Embedded Insights Channels Articles on design.
Embedded Processing Directory Comprehensive, searchable list of parts, tools and third-party IP.
Basics Processor Tracker Real-time updates for select processors and development tools.

Embedded Design Channels

Extreme Processing Extreme Processing: Processors can only be so small, so cheap, and so fast. Extreme Processing explores the principles behind the practical limits of the smallest, largest, fastest, and most energy efficient embedded devices available so that when a new device pushes the limits, embedded developers can more easily see how it affects them.

Robust Design Robust Design: Robust Design explores the toolbox of design principles that embedded developers can use to build components and systems that continuously work as intended, even when they are subjected to unintended operating circumstances.

User Interfaces User Interface: The User Interfaces channel focuses on the issues affecting both the physical and logical trade-offs of integrating user interfaces into embedded designs to support making it easier for a user to correctly, consistently, and unambiguously control the behavior of the system.

Embedded Application Channels

Robotics Robotics: Robotics is a multidisciplinary field that combines electrical, mechanical, sensing, controlling, recognizing context, and decision making into a single system. In essence, robotics is embedded design made obviously visible to the end user. This series focuses on the tools, technologies, issues, and opportunities facing designers that specify, design, build, and evolve autonomous and robotic systems.