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Robert CravottaRobert Cravotta
Principal Analyst

As a former Technical Editor covering Embedded Processing at EDN, Robert has been following and commenting on the embedded processing space since 2001 (see article index). His expertise includes software development and system design using microprocessors, microcontrollers, digital signal processors (DSPs), multiprocessor architectures, processor fabrics, coprocessors, and accelerators, plus embedded cores in FPGAs, SOCs, and ASICs. Robert's embedded engineering background includes 16 years as a Member of the Technical Staff at Boeing and Rockwell International working on path-finding avionics, power and laser control systems, autonomous vehicles, and vision sensing systems. You can email him or reach him at 1-661-296-5096.

Max BaronMax Baron
Principal Analyst

Max Baron is a 35-year veteran of the electronics industry with expertise in low power, efficient-performance SoC configurations, CPU core architectures, DSP, and multicore implementations. He comes to Embedded Insights from Instat's Microprocessor Report where he was principal analyst and organizer of Instat's worldwide Microprocessor Forum. He has managed the R&D efforts at leading semiconductor firms that include National Semiconductor, Sun Microsystems, Sun Microelectronics, and Fujitsu. As a technical microprocessor analyst and consultant, he also continues to publish electronic business research reports covering microcontrollers and DSP. You can contact him by email or call him at 1-408-773-9677.

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Embedded Insights sheds light on the hidden world of embedded systems by providing a comprehensive online resource for information on embedded processors (MCUs, MPUs, DSPs, cores), software development and troubleshooting tools, reference designs, evaluation and development kits, third party intellectual property, and board-level modules.

Editorial content is focused on providing insight into how and why systems behave the way they do. Our online community of engineers and industry experts is an invaluable way for designers to engage with their peers and get feedback on specific chips, boards, tools, bugs, and vendors. New databases and visualization tools, currently under development, help engineers find the parts, tools, IP and peer commentary that are most relevant to their current design.