Design Support

NAS Reference Design

AppliedMicro's Complete Media Server and NAS appliance is for end products that can be added into an existing home or small business network within minutes. This reference design includes all key features required to serve the Media Server and NAS consumer marketplace and has been optimized for providing the quickest path to market while minimizing production risks.

Advanced Mezzanine Card

Arches is AMCC's dual-processor reference design kit for its Power Architecture 460GT processor targets AdvancedTCAand MicroTCAsystems. Arches provides an AMC (Advanced Mezzanine Card) industry-standard solution to support systems based on Serial RapidIO (AMC.4), Gigabit Ethernet (AMC.2), and PCI Express (AMC.1) interconnects. AMCC's reference design kit provides users with resources including a custom-designed AMC form factor, industry-standard, software development tools, open-source middleware for inter-process communications, a RapidIO network management and diagnostic tool, system-level benchmarks, and complete hardware/software design package. The Arches kit allows developers first to evaluate the PowerPC 460GT processor in an ATCA environment and then to use the turnkey hardware/software design as a starting-point for developing their own product, adding as much or as little custom design as appropriate for their product goals. The Arches card, conforming to the standard single width mid-size AMC form factor (180mm x 74mm x 17mm), is a solution developed for Applied by Silicon Turnkey Express. The card design includes dual AppliedMicro PowerPC 460GT processors, each operating at a clock frequency of 1.0GHz.