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Digi International

Design Support

NET+OS is a complete development environment for Ethernet/Internet enabling embedded devices. It is specifically optimized for Digi's family of 32-bit NET+ARM microprocessors. NET+OS includes development tools, JTAG or software debugger, a development board, a royalty-free RTOS (Real-Time Operating System), and networking software.

Digi's processors are all supported by the NET+OS software development tools suite, which contains either Green Hills MULTI or Microcross GNU X-Tools; a hardware debugger; Express Logic's ThreadX real time operating system; a TCP/IP stack; and networking applications software, utilities, and numerous application examples. Support and Development Kits for Linux and Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 are also available.

Complete kits include a choice of GNU or MULTI development tools, target board, software or JTAG debugger, the full NET+OS run-time environment, direct applications engineering support, board layout design review and online support. Digi Development Kits include Digi ESP, a complete embedded development environment, a GNU compiler, target board, a Digi JTAG Link debugger, the full NET+OS run-time environment and online support.

Digi Professional Services deliver a single source for embedded hardware and software assistance. Services include hardware design review; device driver development; bootloader modifications; integration of networking service or middleware; board bring-up; rapid prototyping; and modified or custom modules.