EM Microelectonic

EM Microelectonic


Targets: Automotive, Consumer, Industrial, Security

EM Microelectonic EM6682 Block Diagram

The EM6682 is an ultra-low-voltage, low-power microcontroller coming in a package as small as 8-pin TSSOP and working up to 0.4 MIPS. It comes with an integrated 4-bit ADC and 2 high drive outputs of 10mA and it requires no external components. It has a sleep counter reset allowing automatic wake-up from sleep mode. It targets battery-operated and field-powered applications requiring an extended lifetime. The high integration level makes it suitable for cost sensitive applications. The EM6682 contains the equivalent of 3-kbytes of mask ROM and a RC oscillator supporting frequencies between 32- and 800-kHz selectable by metal option or register. It also has a power-on reset, watchdog.

EM6682 is a CMOS microcontroller that is capable of operating with a single 1.5V battery. It comes in packages as small as 8-pin TSSOP or SO-8. The EM6682 features a voltage operating range from as high as 5.5 V down to 0.9 V.