Energy Micro

Energy Micro

EFM32 Tiny Gecko

Targets: Industrial, Medical, Security

Energy Micro EFM32 Tiny Gecko Block Diagram

The EFM32 'Tiny Gecko' (TG) microcontrollers offer the energy-efficient performance of the company's larger Gecko products combined with smaller Flash and RAM combinations and a choice of space saving QFN20, QFN32 and QFN64 packaging at a sub-Dollar price.

The smallest and lowest cost Tiny Gecko microcontrollers, the QFN20 packaged EFM32TG100 devices, provide Flash and RAM capacities of respectively 4 to 32-kbytes and 1 to 4-kbytes and 12 GPIO. To simplify application scaling, the QFN32 packaged TG200 and QFN64 packaged TG230 and TG840 are also pin-compatible with the bigger Gecko family of products and provide Flash options of 8, 16 and 32-kbytes and either 2 or 4-kbytes of RAM and 24 or 56 GPIO.

To reduce overall system cost, the Tiny Gecko products offer the same energy saving features and most of the peripherals of the larger Gecko products. At the top of the range, the TG840 devices embed a 4x24 segment LCD controller consuming less than 550nA, while all TG parts offer an AES encryption / decryption engine to target wireless applications. Integrated Op amps are available the Tiny Gecko product family.

Because the QFN32 and QFN64 Tiny Gecko microcontrollers are pin and software compatible with the larger Gecko microcontrollers, developers can begin development using Gecko and migrate to Tiny Gecko.