Innovasic Semiconductor

Innovasic Semiconductor

Design Support

A Software Development Kit, Real-Time Ethernet Module, Embedded Control Module, Module Evaluation Kit, and an application framework called Leash support the fido1100. The Software Development Kit includes the Eclipse IDE, Sourcery G++ GNU tool chain from Code Sourcery, full library support, embedded communication stacks, GPIO and sample programs.

Leash is an application framework that provides tools for taking advantage of the multi-context capabilities of the fido, including priority management, context initialization and management, and fatal fault management. Leash provides context-safe extensions to the GNU toolchain.

The Real-Time Ethernet Module (RTE) enables real-time embedded devices to interface to a standard 10/100 Ethernet network. The RTE supports both a conventional MAC/PHY architecture and QoS priority channels for deterministic operation. TCP/IP and other communications stacks are also available.

The Embedded Control Module (ECM) and reference design for the fido1100 enables the development of embedded system prototypes for fail-safe, real-time control applications. Any combination of serial and parallel interfaces can be supported including UARTs, GPIO, 10/100 Ethernet, LCD, SPI, I²C, MII and CAN.

The fido1100 Module Evaluation Kit (MEK) enables designers to begin evaluation, test and software development for the RTE or ECM modules. The kit includes the SDK and a test/evaluation baseboard that can be mated to either module.