Microchip Technology

Microchip Technology


Targets: General Purpose

Microchip Technology PIC24H Block Diagram

For more demanding embedded applications, the PIC24H offers 40 MIPS performance, more memory and additional peripherals. The PIC24H family adds up to two CAN communication modules, a user-selectable 10/12-bit A/D converter and enhanced timer functions. Integrated DMA between peripherals and dual-port RAM provide zero overhead data transfers, optimizing CPU throughput. Several microcontrollers offer a "Peripheral Pin Select" pin-mapping function that allows the flexible use of all onboard peripherals, by enabling designers to map them to the pin they desire. The Parallel Master Port allows glueless connection to external peripherals, and the hardware Real Time Clock with Calendar simplifies applications that need time-keeping capability. Devices are software, peripheral and pin-compatible with similarly featured PIC24F microcontrollers and dsPIC DSCs,

For size-constrained applications, the PIC24H offers Flash sizes up to 128-kbytes in a 6x6 mm footprint QFN package. Overall the PIC24H family ranges from 18 to 100 pins, and 12- to 256-kbytes Flash.