Renesas Electronics America

Renesas Electronics America

Renesas Electronics America is the result of a merger between Renesas Technology and NEC Electronics.

NEC Electronics America offers highly integrated, reliable, low-power, all-flash microcontrollers for multipurpose designs and application-specific devices, including consumer, mobile, health-care, industrial, and automotive applications. The company's 32-bit V850 series microcontrollers feature low-voltage operation, DSP functions, and on-chip peripherals.

processor offerings for embedded systems extend from low-power, 8- and 16-bit microcontrollers to high-performance, 32-bit microprocessors. The R8C/Tiny series target electronic ballasts, handheld power tools, and motor-control systems. Devices in the R8C/3x group target automotive-body-control applications and operate from 1.8 to 5.5V. The H8S/2153 targets advanced communication equipment, and the H8SX/2164 targets baseboard-management-controller applications. In the M16C series, the 64-MHz R32C/100 series incorporates advanced peripherals, such as FlexRay controllers.

The SuperH SH72544R series targets next-generation automotive power trains with 2.5 Mbytes of flash memory, and the SH7262 and SH7264 microcontrollers target digital-audio systems, media-player accessories, and graphical-display applications with 1 Mbyte of SRAM. The SH7730 series for industrial applications achieves 480-MIPS performance and includes FPUs (floating-point units) and MMUs (memory-management units).

SH-Mobile application processors include the 266-MHz SH-MobileL3V2 that handles many video formats and provides high-resolution video capture and enhanced functions for controlling image quality. The SH-MobileR2 targets use in personal-navigation devices, portable media players, and video and VOIP (voice-over-Internet Protocol) terminals.