Design Support

The XPS (Xilinx Platform Studio) embedded tool suite bundled with a processor IP (intellectual property) library in the Xilinx EDK (Embedded Development Kit) supports both the PowerPC hard processor core and MicroBlaze soft processor core with over 100 embedded peripherals that all connect together seamlessly. This IDE (integrated development environment) contains a variety of embedded tools, including pre-verified reference designs and JTAG probes/cables, as well as IP, libraries, wizards, and design generators to facilitate the creation of custom embedded platforms. The SDK (Software Development Kit) is an Eclipse-based IDE with GNU tools available as part of EDK and also as a stand-alone product. One unified development tool suite supports using Xilinx Platform Studio.

Complementing the development tools and IP, Xilinx Design Services can provide design expertise and staffing to enable companies to meet their product design requirements and aggressive release schedules.

In addition to the IDE and compiler/debugger tool chains supplied in the Platform Studio tool suite, the Xilinx processing solution supports performance profiling and the integration of hardware and software debuggers to find and fix embedded system bugs. Designers can cross trigger an FPGA HW debugger from the embedded software debugger and vice versa to identify tricky system defects.

In order to get started with any Xilinx processors, complete development kits including boards, cables, reference designs and all relevant tools are available from the Xilinx.