NanoBoard 3000

Targets: General Purpose

The NanoBoard 3000 is supplied with hardware, software, ready-to-use royalty-free IP, and a dedicated Altium Designer Soft Design license so that designers can explore FPGAs "out of the box". Designers using the NanoBoard 3000 have the option to deploy their designs in modular commercial enclosures from Altium.

The FPGA is fixed in the NanoBoard 3000; this distinguishes it from the NanoBoard NB2, which features interchangeable FPGA daughter boards to allow on-the-fly comparisons and testing in a prototype design environment. Architectural highlights include a dual boot system, a plug-in system for application-specific peripheral boards, high-quality stereo audio capabilities, 4x Relay and Power PWM drivers, USB Hub and an integrated color TFT touch screen.

The NanoBoard 3000 includes a 12-month subscription to an Altium Designer Soft Design License which also includes all software updates released during the 12-month subscription period. Licenses can be renewed in 12-month blocks.