NanoBoard NB2

Targets: General Purpose

The NanoBoard NB2 is a development platform for FPGA implementations (through interchangeable daughter boards). Designers can compare power consumption in different FPGAs and using different peripherals. Designers (with an upgrade to a board-level Altium Designer license) can move seamlessly into PCB design without changing design tools or environments.

Altium's NanoBoard architecture includes programmable devices housed on plug-in FPGA daughter boards, 32-bit processors for use in FPGA design and interchangeable peripheral boards. Electronics designers using the Desktop NanoBoard can develop designs using these peripherals – including an Audio/Peripheral Board (PB01), Mass Storage Peripheral Board (PB02), and USB-IrDA-Ethernet Peripheral Board (PB03).

Each NanoBoard NB2 comes with a 12-month subscription to an Altium Designer Soft license and the choice of one of the following daughter boards: Xilinx Spartan-3 Daughter Board (DB30) Altera Cyclone II Daughter Board (DB31) LatticeECP Daughter Board (DB32). Daughter boards are swappable and an extended range can be purchased separately. The Desktop NanoBoard is available for US$1,995 from US distributors Digikey and Newark.