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Imsys IM3220 Block Diagram

The IM3220 combines traditional CISC architectures with FPGA flexibility for a pre-defined application – time synchronization. It dramatically reduces the cost and size of precision time synchronization hardware using the IEEE 1588 protocol. The outstanding features of IM3220 stem from the ability to analyze and act on gate level in real-time. The IM3220 is able to sustain almost 20 Mbit/s of IP (internet protocol) dataflow while running the IEEE 1588 Protocol Engine software and consuming less than 42 mW.

The IM3220 integrated circuit comes with a complete software platform including real-time operating system, flash file system, TCP/IP communication stack, FTP, and web server. For the execution of the IEEE 1588 protocol, a version 1 stack with a full ordinary clock implementation from Zurich University of Applied Sciences is included in the IM3220. The software platform comes integrated and tested as a firmware profile for time stamping applications.