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Imsys IM3240 Block Diagram

The IM3240 is an Application Specific controller for time and frequency synchronized applications. Its outstanding features stem from the ability to analyze and act on gate level, in real-time. The central functionality of the integrated circuit is delivered by its hardware based TimeStamp Engine (TSE). The component integrates an advanced operating system environment which enables software to access the time stamping process in a flexible way. On top of the TSE and platform software a protocol stack and loop control software is running for the implementation of the IEEE 1588 version 2 standard.

A slave application on the basis of the IM3240 can leverage the components ability to manage the complete TCP/IP and UDP stacks up to 16 Mbit/s. It can share the same IP (internet protocol) address as the local network processor up to 60 Mbit/s. This is done while running the time and synchronization stack for IEEE 1588 up to and beyond the recommended sync rates of the new version 2 standard.

The IM3240 reduces the cost, power budget, and board space for time and frequency synchronization. The IC embeds a complete software platform including real-time operating system, flash file system, TCP/IP communication stack, FTP and web server. For the IEEE1588 protocol version 2, a software stack with full ordinary clock implementation is integrated.