Oki Semiconductor

Oki Semiconductor


Targets: Consumer, General Purpose, Industrial

ML610Q4xx devices are ultra-low power 8-bit microcontrollers based on the "nX-U8/100" RISC architecture with Flash and LCD drivers. The ML610Qxx devices incorporate 1.1V flash memory based on OKI SEMI's proprietary low-power technology and a power-management function. Some of the key features are 16-bit instruction set including multiplication/division and stack manipulation, on-chip debug, 0.5µA consumption in HALT mode, 1µA consumption in 32kHz mode, and LCD drivers with up to 1536 segments.

The ML610Q4xx family includes a RISC-type CPU, an LCD driver, two types of A/D converters, and on-chip debugging functions. Based on the company's proprietary low-power technology, the ML610Q4xx devices operate over a wide range of voltage (from a low 1.1V to 3.6V), and achieves a current consumption that is equivalent to microcontrollers with built-in mask ROM.

The ML610Q4xx devices target handheld and battery-powered products with LCDs such as watches, thermometers, bike computers, or weather stations. The series also includes versions with extended temperature range to cover applications in the industrial segment.