Targets: Automotive, Computers & Peripherals, Imaging & Video, Industrial, Medical, Motor Control, Security

Ramtron VRS51L3174 Block Diagram

The VRS51L3174 is not recommended for new designs.

The VRS51L3174 is a Ramtron FRAM-Enhanced 8051-based microcontroller that drops into a QFP-44 footprint. It reaches 40 MIPS and incorporates 8-kbyte of FRAM, 64-kbyte ISP/IAP of Flash and 4352 bytes of SRAM. The VRS51L3174 uses the same instruction set as standard 8051s. Contrary to standard 8051 devices, the reset on the VRS51L3174 is active low.

Features include a 40 MHz internal oscillator, an enhanced hardware arithmetic unit with 16-bit multiplication/division, 32-bit addition, and a 32-bit barrel shifter for DSP operations, a JTAG-USB interface for in-circuit programming/debugging/emulation, a configurable system clock, UARTs with a dedicated baud rate generator (20-bit equivalent resolution), enhanced SPI, I²C, PWCs and PWMs, general purpose timers/counters, a watchdog timer, 49 interrupts that share 16 interrupt vectors, and a port change and pin change interrupt. The VRS51L3174 operates at 3.3 volts over the entire industrial temperature range and features 5V-tolerant I/Os. It is available in a QFP-44 package.