Actel CoreABC

Targets: Automotive, Consumer, Industrial, Medical, Military & Aerospace, Mobile & Wireless, Motor Control, Security

Actel CoreABC Block Diagram

CoreABC is Actel's smallest soft micro available for FPGAs and can be used to implement a broad range of embedded applications. The controller can be implemented in as few as 241 tiles and without RAM or ROM resources, so designers can use CoreABC in the smallest Actel devices, including the A3P030 ProASIC3 device. CoreABC is configurable so that developers can tailor it to support custom data types or data path widths.

The core uses a programmable sequence controller that enables targeted local control of embedded functions, such as APB reads and writes, bit operations, ALU operations, logical instructions, simple branching, and jump and call instructions. The processing unit can store and test data, allowing read/write cycles to be varied dynamically.

CoreABC is programmed by assembly-type instructions that can be stored in either hardware gates or memory. CoreABC can be used as the main processor in simple control applications or for distributed control within a larger system implementation. This small, soft micro can be used with Actel flash-based Fusion, IGLOO, and ProASIC3 families including Fusion and SmartFusion, and in any of the antifuse families, including RTAX-S/RTAX-DSP and Axcelerator.