Maxim Integrated Products

Maxim Integrated Products


Targets: Consumer, Industrial, Medical, Military & Aerospace

Maxim Integrated Products MAXQ Block Diagram

Maxim's family of MAXQ mixed-signal microcontrollers are based on a RISC architecture that combines high performance, reduced noise, and ultra-low-power operation, to target low-power, "green" equipment. All MAXQ instructions execute in a single clock cycle, except long jump/long call and certain extended register accesses.

Digital peripherals include timer/counters, real-time clocks, watchdog timers, parallel I/O, 1-clock hardware multiply (16 x 16)/accumulate (40-bit) functions, up to 140-segment direct LCD drivers, and serial interfaces such as SPI (master/slave), RS-232, RS-485, CAN bus, USB, 1-Wire, PECI, and I²C. High-performance analog peripherals include 12- and 16-bit ADCs, programmable-gain amplifiers, 10- and 12-bit DACs, operational amplifiers, analog comparators, precision voltage references, temperature sensors, power monitors, and voltage regulators.

MAXQ microcontrollers are fully supported with development tools from a number of third-party suppliers, including IAR Systems and Rowley Associates. Maxim provides an assortment of support tools including assemblers/linkers, debuggers, in-circuit emulators, and software simulators. Evaluation Kits start at $39.00.