Maxim Integrated Products

Maxim Integrated Products

Secure Microcontrollers

Targets: Military & Aerospace, Security

Maxim Integrated Products Secure Microcontrollers Block Diagram

Maxim's secure microcontrollers target applications that demand rigorous protective measures against theft of proprietary or secret information. They encrypt program and data memory to prevent application cloning and reverse engineering. Tamper sensors detect sophisticated attacks and automatically erase secret information before it becomes compromised. High-speed encryption engines allow data to be securely communicated and authenticated at wire speed.

Maxim's reference designs include precertified EMV and PCI-PED solutions. FIPS 140-2 validations ensure designs can meet rigorous security requirements. From 8-bit 8051-core solutions to ARM9 solutions, from 4mm 16-pin packages to 17mm 256-pin packages, and from 6MHz to 200MHz, Maxim secure microcontrollers are suited to provide security in any embedded application.