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Maxim Integrated Products


Targets: Consumer

Maxim Integrated Products MAXQ622 Block Diagram

The MAXQ622 is a high-performance, 16-bit RISC microcontroller with an integrated USB transceiver. Designed for low-power applications, this microcontroller operates from either an external supply (1.7V to 3.6V) or directly from USB power. Intelligent supply monitoring enables the microcontroller to conserve power by actively switching from the main supply during periods of USB connectivity. To further extend battery life, the MAXQ622 consumes 300nA (typical) in stop-mode operation. These power-saving capabilities make the MAXQ622 suitable for remote controls, security systems, thermostats, blood pressure monitors, and a wide variety of other consumer and medical applications.

The MAXQ622 includes 128-kbytes of flash memory, 6-kbytes of data RAM, dual USART ports, dual SPI master/slave communication ports, an I²C port, an infrared (IR) module with carrier-frequency generation, and up to 56 general-purpose I/O pins. Additionally, it provides a secure memory-management unit (MMU) to prevent device cloning and unauthorized access to sensitive application code.