STM32 (F, L, W)

Targets: Audio, Communication & Wired, Computers & Peripherals, Consumer, Digital Power, General Purpose, Industrial, Medical, Mobile & Wireless, Motor Control, Security, Test & Measurement

The STM32 family of 32-bit Flash microcontrollers are based on the ARM Cortex-M processor architecture. The STM32 is available in six pin- and software-compatible product lines; the STM32 Connectivity Line with Ethernet and USB OTG, the 72MHz Performance Line, the 48MHz USB Access Line, 32MHz Access Line, and the 24 MHz Value Line. The complete STM32 family consists of over 130 compatible devices with 16-kbytes to 1-Mbyte of Flash, 4- to 96-kbytes of SRAM, and peripherals for connectivity, displays, sound, storage and advanced control.

STM32 devices include a built in supervisor and internal high-frequency and low-frequency oscillators. The peripheral set includes communication interfaces (Ethernet, USART, SPI, I²C, I²S, USB OTG, SDIO, CAN and GPIO), general purpose timers, control timers for motor control, 1us 12-bit ADCs, and dual channel 12-bit DACs. The STM32 also has a Flexible Static Memory Controller that can support external CompactFlash, SRAM, PSRAM, NOR and NAND memories, or use it's parallel interface to drive external LCD controllers.

STMicroelectronics STM32F Block Diagram

The STM32F is the foundation of the STM32 family that includes balanced devices targeting applications that do not require extreme low power. They combine high performance, peripherals, and low-power, low-voltage operation. With four lines, the STM32F products target a range of applications in the industrial, medical and consumer markets.

STMicroelectronics STM32L Block Diagram

The STM32L is based on ST's EnergyLite platform that targets ultra-low-power, ultra-low-voltage applications through the use of an optimized architecture and proprietary ultra-low leakage process, shared with the STM8L family. The STM32L family offers two different lines. It supports 6 ultra-low power modes that support 270 nA current draw in standby and 230 μA/MHz operation from Flash in the economical run mode. Memory options range 64- to 128-kbytes of embedded Flash and up to 16-kbytes of SRAM. The STM32L is pin-to-pin compatible with the existing STM32F series.

STMicroelectronics STM32W Block Diagram

The STM32W supports a configurable total link budget up to 109 dB with an ARM Cortex-M3 core to target the wireless sensor network market. It is compliant with the IEEE 802.15.4 radio standard, and it supports protocol stacks such as RF4CE, ZigBee-PRO, and 6LoWPAN. STM32W devices are available in both SoC (QFN48) and coprocessor (QFN40) versions.

The STM32 firmware library provides access to all features of the standard device peripherals of the STM32. This free software package provides drivers for all standard device features and peripherals. The USB developer kit facilitates USB device implementation with a complete, USB-certified firmware package. Optimized and documented C firmware libraries are available for 3-phase motor-control including support for PMSM motors in sensored and sensorless mode and AC induction motors in sensored mode, and a patented single‑shunt algorithm. Also available are libraries for DSP, Audio and self-test routines for Class B norm certification. A range of development tools is available, including starter kits and embedded operating systems, all tailored to the STM32.

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