Targets: Automotive, Industrial, Medical, Motor Control

AVR XMEGA devices are suitable for industrial control, factory automation, power tools, board control, battery management, climate and HVAC systems, ZigBee and wireless solutions and sensors, building automation, metering, optical transceivers and networking, medical applications, instrumentation, white goods, motor control, and lighting.

Atmel's picoPower-enabled 8-/16-bit AVR XMEGA microcontrollers deliver 32 MIPS at 16 mA and offer a worst-case response time of 65.2 nS. AVR XMEGA's 8-channel Event System and a 4-channel DMA Controller eliminate interrupts associated with inter-peripheral communication and/or data transfers between memories and peripherals and allow the CPU to spend more time in 650 nA sleep idle mode (with realtime clock active) or 100 nA sleep mode (with SRAM and interrupts active). AVR XMEGA devices are 100% code compatible with tinyAVR and megaAVR devices.

The AVR XMEGA's on-chip DMA Controller and Event System off-load the CPU during cycle-intensive peripheral operations, associated interrupts, and data transfers. It can handle data capture, analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversions, data encryption/decryption, monitoring and responding to over-voltage conditions, and advanced timer/counter operations without using CPU cycles. The Event System handles up to 8 simultaneous events and inter-peripheral communication without using the CPU or DMA. Events or interrupt conditions in the peripherals can automatically start actions in other peripherals. Events are triggered and routed between peripherals through a dedicated network that is completely independent of the CPU, data bus, or DMA controller.

Fully configurable in software, the Event System can be kept static and locked, or can change dynamically during various stages of the application execution for predictable and short response times. This feature removes bottlenecks associated with multiple/frequently triggering inputs. The peripherals work and communicate together without software and CPU overhead.

AVR XMEGA peripherals can include AES/DES encryption, up to four 12-bit DAC channels, a pipelined 2 Msps dual ADC with 12-bit accuracy, four analog comparators, up to eight USARTs, four SPIs, and four I²C and SMBus compatible TWI (Two-Wire interfaces). Both 32 kHz and 32 MHz on-chip RC oscillators with ± 1% accuracy over temperature and voltage are available. As many as eight 16-bit timer/counters support PWM and input capture channels. An internal PLL can generate a 128 MHz clock base for fast and high resolution PWM (e.g.31.25 kHz PWM with 12-bit resolution). Supervisory functions include accurate brown out detection, oscillator failure detection and windowed watchdog timer with separate oscillator.