MIPS Technologies

MIPS Technologies


Targets: Consumer, Security

MIPS Technologies 4KSD Block Diagram

The MIPS32 4KSd secure data core targets secure data applications such as smart cards. The core has the performance required to implement software programmable cryptography without the need of a coprocessor. With the 4KSd core, security features disguise processor activity, resist external attacks, and prevent tampering through power analysis and other techniques. MIPS Technologies' cryptography enhancements speed public- and secret-key cryptography algorithms for data security without additional dedicated hardware or coprocessor modules, and secure memory spaces protect sensitive consumer data by application and prevent unauthorized data access by rogue applications.

CorExtend capabilities allow expert designers to further differentiate their secure SoC applications by adding their own instructions to create unique security features. Low interrupt latency allows the core to respond quickly to external events, and MIPS16e code compression allows usage of smaller memories, reducing power consumption, and die size.