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Infineon Technologies


Targets: Industrial, Motor Control

Infineon Technologies TC116X Block Diagram

The TC116X families utilize the 32-bit TriCore Real-Time microcontroller/DSP with a suite of Industrial Control Peripherals. The TriCore core with floating point unit operates at up to 80 MHz delivering a peak performance of up to 240 MIPS. The 8/10/12-bit ADC has 32 channels, and a second 10-bit fast ADC has a conversion time of 262.5ns. The architecture supports up to 1.5-Mbytes of flash memory and 72-kbytes of RAM. The General Purpose Timer Array (GPTA) targets industrial and motor control applications; it can process and filter digital inputs from encoders and position sensors.

There are 96 channels that can be used for time-based or event-based capture and compares, or that can be used as timers. The channels can be used as building blocks to create practically any PWM or timer functions that are required for motor control or industrial I/O. Serial communications peripherals include two UARTs, two SPI, two CAN (including hardware FIFO and Gateway), two MLI (for accessing external peripherals), and MSC (for interfacing to smart power devices). An 8-channel DMA controller and optional Peripheral Control Processor (PCP) can be used to handle simple repetitive tasks so that the TriCore CPU can handle the complex processing.

The TC1167 and TC1197 are industrial versions of the AUDO FUTURE device series, targeting high end motor control applications. Available in 176-pin TQFP packages, the devices contain 224-kbytes and 124-kbytes of SRAM respectively, a single precision floating point unit and dual MACs for DSP calculations required in demanding servo drive applications. Multiple ADCs can be synchronized or sequenced depending on the needs of the control algorithm. An 8-channel DMA and optional PCP (Peripheral Control Processor) can be used to offload the CPU requirements.