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Infineon Technologies


Targets: Automotive

Infineon Technologies XC2700 Block Diagram

The XC2700 family of 16-bit microcontrollers achieves 32-bit performance targeting electronic engine control to comply with emissions standards for motorcycle and small automotive powertrain systems. The XC2700 family is based on the C166SV2 high-performance microcontroller core, providing single-cycle execution from a five-stage pipeline at up to 80 MHz. It also integrates a voltage regulator. Software targeted to existing C166SV2 controllers can be re-used with this family of processors.

The XC2700 includes a 10-bit analog-to-digital converter with from 16 to 24 channels for linking directly to sensors for a low-cost implementation, two CAN interfaces and a Universal Serial Interface that enables up to 6 channels, which are completely programmable to independently serve as SPI, UART, LIN or I²C serial interfaces. On-chip memory includes up to 832-kbytes of 130 nm embedded Flash and 51-kbytes of SRAM.

The XC2700 family provides a scalable package range, with TQFP packages from 64 pins to 176 pins. Designers can move across the performance curve to provide engine control systems for motorcycles and entry-level cars, and other applications such as marine engines.