Infineon Technologies

Infineon Technologies

XC800 I (Industrial)

Targets: Industrial, Motor Control

This family of devices offers scalable performance based on a combination of a 2-cycle 8051 core with optional Vector Computer (MDU + CORDIC) and up to 64-kbytes flash memory. The 64-pin TQFP XC878, for example, is ideal for cost-sensitive industrial motor control applications. Operating at up to 24 MHz and using the 16-bit Vector Computer, it offers the ability to control both condenser and fan motors in air conditioner and refrigeration applications. This performance is enabled by two independent PWM units having up to 10 PWM outputs and internal 16-bit timers linked by a hardware-event-driven-trigger to a 10-bit ADC (analog-to-digital converter) with a conversion time of 1 microsecond, making the XC878 suitable for implementing both sensorless FOC and Power Factor Correction (PFC). It simplifies development of CAN (Controller Area Network) systems through an on-chip MultiCAN interface.

The XC878 provides an on-chip clock generation unit with such integrated safety features as clock supervisory functions. It also is offered in a green LQFP-64 package for the -40 °C to +85 °C temperature range.

The new XC82x and XC83x low cost low pin count series of 8-bit microcontrollers include, in addition to the standard peripherals of the other XC800 devices, new features such as Matrix LED control, Capacitive Touch Sense, and I²C communication interface. The new devices are now also available for -40 to +105 or +125 °C temperature ranges. With the software stack developed for this series the microcontrollers can be used for the design of control gears for lighting communication networks based on the DALI protocol.