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Infineon Technologies


Targets: Automotive

Infineon Technologies XC2300 Block Diagram

The XC2300 family of microcontrollers target safety systems such as airbag and electronic power steering automotive applications. XC2300 products have the potential to be certified according to the new Security Interface Layer SIL3 standard (IEC 61508), an automotive safety standard which is presently discussed by the automotive industry and is about to take a hold in Europe.

The XC2300 family is based on the C166SV2 high-performance microcontroller core, providing single-cycle execution from a five-stage pipeline at up to 80 MHz. It also integrates a voltage regulator. The XC2300 includes a 10-bit analog-to-digital converter with from 16 to 24 channels for linking directly to sensors for a low-cost implementation, two CAN interfaces and a Universal Serial Interface that enables up to 6 channels, which are completely programmable to independently serve as SPI, UART, LIN or I²C serial interfaces. On-chip memory includes up to 832-kbytes of 130 nm embedded Flash and 51-kbytes of SRAM. The XC2300 family provides a scalable package range, with TQFP packages from 64 pins to 176 pins.