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Targets: Automotive

Infineon Technologies TC17XX (AUDO MAX) Block Diagram

The AUDO MAX microcontroller family consists of four product series differing in terms of clock speed and flash memory. For example, the TC1782 is a 133/180 MHz device with up to 2.5-Mbytes of embedded flash and a total of up to 176-kbytes of RAM. All AUDO MAX devices are based on the TriCore CPU, which combines microcontroller and DSP processing with a dedicated peripheral control processor (PCP) to manage on-chip peripherals.

The TC179x and TC172x series devices include Infineon's PRO-SIL (safety integrity level) functionality for applications in safety-critical systems like EPS (Electrical Power Steering), chassis controllers and suspension/damping as well as for specific control units used in hybrid and electrical vehicles. PRO-SIL supports automotive system suppliers and car manufacturers in putting safety-relevant features into practice and in designing systems conforming to the international IEC61508 or ISO26262 standards. For example, PRO-SIL allows the implementation of a memory protection feature in order to separate the safety-critical software from the non-safety-critical software. Additionally, PRO-SIL allows implementation of error-code correction and checksum verification to ensure the integrity of calculations

Devices that contain two 10Mbit/s FlexRay channels and between two and four 1Mbit/s CAN nodes are available. An integrated SENT (Single Edge Nibble Transmission) enables direct communication with digital sensors without the need to insert analog interfaces into the signal chain. For transmission control units in energy-saving double-clutch transmissions and conventional stepped automatic transmissions located directly at the transmission housing, Infineon offers the bare-die TC174x for use at ambient temperatures of up to 170 °C. To enable the implementation of AUTOSAR software Infineon delivers the matching hardware-oriented drivers for AUDO MAX.