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Targets: Consumer, Industrial, Medical

Silicon Laboratories C8051F7xx Block Diagram

The C8051F7xx and C8051F8xx families of capacitive touch-sense microcontrollers target cost-sensitive, high I/O embedded systems requiring touch sensing capabilities. With 54 general-purpose I/O pins and a 25 MIPS 8051 CPU, the C8051F7xx/8xx families target human interface applications for industrial controls, security systems, residential HVAC, home appliances, keyboards, cash machines and fax/printer/scanner front panels.

Silicon Laboratories C8051F8xx Block Diagram

The on-chip touch-sense peripheral uses a capacitance-to-digital converter (CDC) with a 40 us acquisition time that when combined with the 25 MIPS microcontroller core enables sophisticated human interface functions, even when large arrays of touch sense elements are used. To combat issues in electrically noisy environments, the CDC offers noise immunity, insuring reliable performance. With up to 32 touch sensing inputs, featuring wake-on-touch, the microcontroller can be placed in a power saving mode and wake quickly upon touch to save overall system power in applications. A software GUI supports configuration, and an API library is provided for all common touch sense configurations such as virtual buttons, wheels and sliders.

The C8051F7xx/8xx families also provide a 10-bit successive approximation (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with on-chip voltage reference and temperature sensor. Up to 54 general purpose I/Os are offered to be used as ADC voltage measurement inputs, capacitive touch-sense inputs and/or digital communications I/Os. A calibrated two percent oscillator with guaranteed accuracy over the full microcontroller voltage supply and temperature range eliminates the need for an external crystal. In addition, the touch-sense microcontrollers offer byte-erasable EEPROM with 100,000 write/erase cycle endurance guaranteed for storage of frequently updated data.