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Targets: Computers & Peripherals, Consumer, Industrial, Security

Silicon Laboratories CP220X Block Diagram

The CP220x is a single-chip Ethernet controller containing an integrated IEEE 802.3-compliant Media Access Controller (MAC), a 10Base-T Physical Layer (PHY), and 8-kbytes of non-volatile Flash memory available in either a 28-pin QFN (5 x 5 mm), or 48-pin TQFP (9 x 9 mm) package. The CP220x can add Ethernet connectivity to any microcontroller or host processor with 11 or more port I/O pins. The 8-bit parallel external memory interface bus supports both Industry-standard Intel and Motorola bus formats in multiplexed and non-multiplexed mode. The CP2201, 28-pin QFN package, supports multiplexed addressing only. Mode select pins are used to select the bus interface mode.

The on-chip Flash memory may be used to store user constants, web server content, or can be used as general purpose non-volatile memory. The Flash is factory pre-programmed with a unique 48-bit MAC address stored in the last six memory locations. Having the unique MAC address stored in the CP220x often removes the necessary serialization step from the product manufacturing process of most embedded systems.

The Embedded Ethernet Development Kit provides all of the hardware and software necessary to develop real-world embedded Ethernet applications using Silicon Laboratories' CP220x Ethernet Controller and high-performance microcontrollers. The industry-standard CMX TCP/IP protocol stack is included free of cost or royalty fees in the Ethernet Development Kit.