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Silicon Laboratories

CAN Interface

Targets: Automotive, Industrial

Silicon Laboratories CAN Interface Block Diagram

Silicon Laboratories' CAN interface family of microcontrollers integrates world-class analog with high-speed digital and Flash memory into a single, powerful system-on-a-chip. Each CAN microcontroller features a 25 MIPS pipelined 8051 CPU, an integrated CAN 2.0B controller, up to 64-kbytes of Flash, 4-kbytes of SRAM, an external memory interface, and digital I/O options. Dual UARTs, SMBus and SPI and on-chip analog capabilities including ADC, DAC, voltage reference, internal oscillator and temperature sensor make these products suitable for industrial control and automotive applications.

The C8051F06x devices have two on-chip 16-bit 1 Msps SAR ADCs that can be used independently in single-ended mode or together in differential mode. These ADCs can directly access on-chip or external RAM using the DMA interface. The C8051F04x devices have a ±60 V common-mode input DIFF amplifier for input of high-voltage analog signals. The CAN 2.0B (1 Mbps) interface features 32 message objects each with its own ID and mask allowing the microcontroller to process more data. This architecture enables firmware to queue message objects for more efficient data management. This interface supports test modes (such as loopback) that aid system debug and simplify system test.

Silicon Laboratories' CAN microcontroller products feature in-system debugging, which eliminates the need for an emulator. The microcontrollers are supported with a complete, low-cost professional development kit that includes everything required to immediately begin the system design: IDE, target board, cables and power supply.