Silicon Laboratories

Silicon Laboratories

Silicon Labs' 8-bit mixed-signal microcontrollers combine 8051-compatible cores with precision analog peripherals such as DC-to-DC converters and precision oscillators in tiny-footprint packages as small as 3x3 mm and 2x2 mm.

This year, the company expanded its F9xx family of ultra-low-power microcontrollers to include devices that deliver lower power consumption in active mode, sleep mode and deep-sleep mode (as low as 10 nA in deep sleep without real-time clock operating and with full RAM retention). These ultra-low-power F9xx microcontrollers offer a wide range of flash memory sizes (from 2 to 64-kbytes) and target battery-powered, power-sensitive applications ranging from portable devices to smart meters to home automation and security systems.

Silicon Labs also introduced the F8xx and F99x families of capacitive touch-sense microcotrollers, featuring responsive on-chip capacitive-to-digital converter (CDC) with a 40 µs response rate. The new ultra-low-power F99x touch-sense microcontrollers offer wake-on-touch power consumption below one microamp.

In addition, Silicon Labs introduced the a power-efficient single-chip wireless microcontroller solution with lower power consumption in all modes of operation, such as 25 nA in deep-sleep mode with full RAM retention. These new Si10xx wireless microcontrollers combine a high-speed 8051-compatible core with Silicon Labs' EZRadioPRO sub-GHz RF transceiver to address the low-power and wireless connectivity requirements of battery-operated home automation systems, smart meters, in-home utility monitors and security systems.

Silicon Labs supports all of its microcontroller portfolios with evaluation and development tools, reference designs, and documentation.