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Targets: Computers & Peripherals, Consumer

Silicon Laboratories CP2102 Block Diagram

The CP2102 is a single-chip USB to UART bridge that converts data traffic between USB and UART formats. The chip includes a complete USB 2.0 full-speed function controller, bridge control logic, and a UART interface with transmit/receive buffers and modem handshake signals. The device also features on-board EEPROM, a voltage regulator, a USB transceiver and an integrated internal oscillator, eliminating external components generally required in USB applications. The CP2102EK evaluation kit includes a complete USB to RS-232 evaluation board and royalty-free device drivers for PC (Windows 98SE/2000/XP), Macintosh and Linux platforms. The CP2102 is a pin compatible upgrade to CP2101.

With a highly integrated USB 2.0 function controller and transceiver, integrated EEPROM for custom Baud rates, vendor ID and product ID data and precision on-chip clock, the CP2102 reduces board area and external BOM component count. The CP2102 is offered in a 28-pin MLP (5 x 5 mm), making it suitable for applications with small form factor requirements.

The CP2102EK evaluation kit includes an evaluation board, all required cables, USB and RS-232 connectors, a CP2102, an RS-232 transceiver and a software CD. With the purchase of a CP2102EK, Silicon Laboratories will provide royalty-free drivers for PC (Windows 2000/XP), Macintosh and Linux platforms. These virtual COM port (VCP) device drivers integrate readily with existing COM port applications.