Targets: Consumer, Mobile & Wireless

ARM ARM1176JZ-S/ARM1176JZF-S Block Diagram

The ARM1176JZ-S and ARM1176JZF-S processors feature ARM TrustZone technology and ARM Jazelle technology for efficient embedded Java execution, and they are designed for use as applications processors in consumer and wireless products requiring enhanced security and lower energy consumption such as connected consumer and wireless devices, cell-phones, PDAs, set-top box, and game consoles. Both processors feature the ARMv6 instruction set, with media processing extensions, ARM Jazelle technology and Thumb instruction set extensions for compact code. The ARM1176JZF-S also features an integrated floating-point coprocessor, which makes it suitable for embedded 3D-graphics applications.

ARM TrustZone technology provides support within the CPU and platform architecture for building the trusted computing environments required to enable protection of critical system functions from downloaded applications, copyright protection of downloaded media and safe over-the-air system upgrades.

These processors integrate support for ARM IEM (Intelligent Energy Manager) technology that can reduce processor energy consumption from 25% to 50% - making them suitable for cell-phone, PDA, hand-held game, and other portable consumer devices. IEM is a combined software and hardware technology that dynamically monitors and predicts the performance requirements of multiple applications, and tunes the processor's operating voltage and frequency to match the requirements. The IEM-enabled ARM1176JZ-S and ARM1176JZF-S include support for the voltage and clock domains required to implement an IEM-enabled system.

These cores feature AXI interfaces compatible with the latest AMBA 3 AXI specification, and offering higher system bus bandwidth with fewer bus layers and rapid timing closure. ARM-EDA reference methodology deliverables reduce the time to generate a specific technology implementation of the core and to generate industry standard views and models.