Targets: Mobile & Wireless

ARM Cortex-A5 Block Diagram

The ARM Cortex-A5 is an energy efficient, low cost processor targeting ultra low cost handsets, feature phones and smart mobile devices, to pervasive embedded, consumer and industrial devices. The Cortex-A5 provides a migration path for existing ARM926EJ-S and ARM1176JZ-S designs. It achieves better than ARM1176JZ-S performance, better power, and energy efficiency than the ARM926EJ-S with 100% Cortex-A compatibility.

The Cortex-A5 features multiprocessing capability for scalable, energy efficient performance with optional floating point or NEON units for media and signal processing. It targets applications that require virtual memory management for high level operating systems within an extremely low power profile. The Cortex-A5 provides full instruction and feature compatibility with the higher performance Cortex-A8 and Cortex-A9 processors; it also maintains backwards application compatibility with Classic ARM processors including the ARM926EJ-S, ARM1176JZ-S, and ARM7TDMI.