Targets: Mobile & Wireless

Tensilica BBE16 Block Diagram

The ConnX BBE16 (Baseband Engine) is a high-performance DSP targeting use in next-generation baseband processors such as those found in LTE and 4G cellular radios and multi-standard broadcast receivers. The ConnX BBE16 combines an 8-way SIMD, 3-issue VLIW processor pipeline with a rich and expandable set of interfaces. It is built around a core vector pipeline made of up 16 18x18-bit MACs. These multipliers, associated adder, and multiplexer trees enable operations such as FFT butterflies, parallel complex multiple operations, and signal filter structures.

The ConnX BBE16 supports programming in C supported by a vectorizing compiler. Automatic vectorization of scalar C and full support for vector datatypes allows the development of algorithms without the need to program at the assembly level.