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C2000 Design Support

C2000 offers a variety of hardware development tools as well as evaluation and applications-specific kits designed to accelerate and simplify the design process. Each tool comes with completely open source hardware schematics and software framework. Hardware is also complemented by controlSUITE software, which provides a centralized location for all content and content management necessary to simplify evaluation, application adaptation, debug, test and reuse.

Hardware development tools come in two formats – a controlSTICK or a controlCARD. controlSTICKs are low-cost, standalone USB-drive style tool that allows instant evaluation. With an on-board emulator, access pins, and example projects, a new user can be up and running with C2000 devices in a few minutes. controlCARDs put the processor and all necessary support devices in a standard, pin-compatible DIM-socket daughter card. They are interchangeable to work with experimenter kits that have breadboard areas for full access to device pins as well as application specific kits for digital power, motor control, LED lighting, renewable energy and more.

C2000 Emulators (XDS510 and XDS560 -class emulators) are tightly integrated with the Code Composer Studio debugger interface to support real-time JTAG scan-based emulation. TI Third Parties provide logic analyzers, hardware testing equipment and a wide array of emulators that support different host I/O interfaces.

C2000 Flash Tools are available from TI, partners, and Third Parties, allowing you to program the on-chip flash memory of C2000 controllers during development, prototyping, and production. Options include programming through JTAG (CCStudio Plug-in, SDFlash GUI, Programming Services), Serial (RS232, Softbaugh), or creating your own programmer using the API.

All C2000 devices are hardware and software compatible across the platform. TI offers signal processing libraries, application software, starter kits (DSK), evaluation modules, emulators and flash tools to facilitate development on C2000 devices.

controlSUITE for C2000 microcontrollers is a cohesive set of software infrastructure and software tools designed to minimize software development time. From device-specific drivers and support software to complete system examples in sophisticated system applications, controlSUITE provides libraries and examples at every stage of development and evaluation. With controlSUITE Desktop, developers can easily access software and documentation for kits and devices. controlSUITE Desktop also helps find online resources such as user guides, application notes, and training.

Code Composer Studio (CCStudio) Development Tools contains all the PC host tools needed to get engineers to market faster with their TMS320C2000 microcontroller-based applications. C2000 Application Software from TI and Third Parties includes a wide variety of eXpressDSP Compliant algorithms. Motor control and digital power specific software libraries of pre-written digital power and motor specific algorithms are available free. Application-specific notes cover most motor types as well as a variety of digital power applications.

C2000 Signal Processing Libraries include: optimized math/trigonometric functions; an ezFIR filter design package (MATLAB script); and an optimized, high-precision mathematical Function Library for C/C++ programmers.

C2000 Digital Power Software Library is available for engineers working to develop digitally-controlled power supplies with the TMS320F28xxx microcontrollers. The DPSLib is composed of independent software modules created in optimized C and comes fully documented.

DSP/BIOS RTOS kernel is a scalable real-time multi-tasking kernel, designed specifically for the TMS320 DSPs including C28x devices. It is an integral part of the CCStudio IDE; requires no runtime license fees; and is backed by Texas Instruments' worldwide training and support organizations.

Code Composer Studio (CCStudio) supports all C2000 controllers for optimized control code. Developers can enhance the Code Composer Studio (CCStudio) integrated development environment with TI and third party plug-ins.

TMS320C28x header files and example projects files facilitate writing C/C++ Code for the TI's 28xx microcontrollers. The code can be used as a learning tool or as the basis for a development platform depending on the current needs of the user. TI suggests that developers download these header files for an easier transition to understanding the 28xx peripherals.