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Targets: Consumer, General Purpose, Industrial

Texas Instruments MSP430L092 Block Diagram

The MSP430L092 is a native 0.9 V operating microcontroller, giving it the ability to run all analog and digital logic at 0.9 V, without requiring any additional components to boost voltage. This allows products to run directly from a single-cell battery, ranging from a AAA or coin cell battery. At the core of the L092 is a 16-bit RISC architecture CPU running at 4MHz. The complete supply voltage range is between 0.9 to 1.65 V. The L092 is low power, consuming 45uA/MHz in active mode.

Memory configurations consist of up to 2-kbytes RAM and 2-kbytes ROM. Additionally, the L092 can use the same instruction set as the rest of the MSP430 platform offering code compatibility. The L092 also offers a zero-power, always on brown out reset (BOR) to ensure proper operation. The L092 also introduces a new Compact Clock System, which has a 20kHz low-frequency oscillator, a 1MHz high-frequency oscillator, and the ability to source from an external clock up to 4MHz. Timer peripherals are also available, including a 32-bit watchdog timer (WDT) and 2x 16-bit general purpose timers.

The device is offered in a 14-pin TSSOP, which includes 11 interrupt-capable GPIO ports. The L092 offers an Analog Pool IP, or A-POOL. A-POOL is a highly integrated and flexible analog module. The basic blocks of the A-POOL are a 256mV voltage reference, a comparator and an 8-bit DAC. These blocks can be configured together to create an 8-bit ADC, a system voltage monitor, or a temperature sensing function, depending on various application needs. This device is also supported by the MSP-TS430L092 and MSP-FET430U092 kits, providing a complete development platform for the MSP430L092 devices.