Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments

Sitara AM35X

Targets: Industrial

Texas Instruments Sitara AM35X Block Diagram

The Sitara ARM Cortex-A8 AM3505 and AM3517 microprocessors offer multiple package and industrial temperature options, peripheral integration, graphic capabilities and high computational performance at a sub-one Watt power level. Targeting industrial applications, the Sitara AM35x microprocessors provide designers with a system cost reduction of up to $10 through multiple on-chip peripherals including a CAN controller, Ethernet MAC (EMAC), DDR2 memory support, USB OTG PHY, and 3.3V I/O which eliminates the need for voltage level shifters. The connectivity interfaces, device and sensor communications, target applications in industrial automation, electronic point of service, portable data terminals and single board computers.

The 600 MHz Sitara AM3505 ARM Cortex-A8 microprocessors feature 1200 Dhrystone MIPS to allow users to run full featured operating systems and enables faster web browsing, an integrated CAN controller supports local control of sensors and controllers and offers software compatibility with TI's OMAP processors.

Building upon the AM3505 microprocessor, the AM3517 microprocessor includes an additional PowerVR SGX graphics engine to accelerate 3D graphical user interfaces. The graphics engine can process up to 10 Mpolygons/sec and supports OPENGL ES 2.0

Linux, Android, and Windows Embedded CE support is available for TI's Sitara AM35x microprocessors.