Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments

Sitara AM1X

Targets: Consumer, Industrial, Medical

Texas Instruments Sitara AM1X Block Diagram

The four Sitara AM1x (AM1808, AM1806, AM1707 and AM1705) ARM9 microprocessors target applications in the embedded industrial, medical, and consumer markets. The AM1x microprocessors offer connectivity options including, TI's Programmable Real-time Unit (PRU), serial ATA (SATA) and universal parallel port (uPP), with a wide range of software, demos and development tools.

TI's PRU fully programmable subsystem option allows designers the flexibility to add additional digital peripherals. The PRU extends beyond native system peripherals with the ability to implement and tune standard interfaces such as UART and CAN-lite or developer defined proprietary interfaces as well. With the PRU, designers are able to maximize efficiency because the PRU can offload the ARM9.

These devices offer 375 and 450 MHz ARM9 core speed options with peripherals such as USB 2.0 on-the-go (OTG) with integrated PHY, USB 1.1 with integrated PHY, 10/100 Ethernet MAC and MMC/SD. The devices are pin-to-pin compatible with TI's OMAP-L1x processors. TI's OMAP-L13x processors offer a C6x digital signal processor (DSP) along with the ARM9 to scale up for real-time data, video and audio processing while preserving the customers' code investments on the ARM9.

The Sitara AM1x microprocessors are supported by the AM1808 evaluation module (EVM) kit, AM1808 eXperimenter kit, and the AM1707 EVM kit. Plus, Mistral Solutions offers two PRU daughter cards with UART and CAN interfaces to leverage the PRU benefits.