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Targets: Audio, Computers & Peripherals, Consumer, General Purpose, Imaging & Video, Industrial, Medical, Mobile & Wireless, Security

MSP430F5xx is the Flash-based microcontroller family featuring low power consumption and performance up to 25 MIPS, increased Flash and RAM memory up to 256-kbytes, and integrated peripherals such as radio frequency (RF), USB, encryption, and LCD interfaces. The F5xx generation offers an operating voltage range from 1.8 to 3.6V. With as low as 165 uA/MIPS active power consumption and 2.5 uA in standby, MSP430F5xx microcontrollers enable longer battery life and the ability to use smaller batteries for portable applications, or no batteries at all for energy harvesting systems that run off of solar power, vibration energy, or human body temperature. With more than 50 percent additional processing performance and double the Flash and RAM memory of previous MSP430 microcontroller generations, F5xx devices help systems perform tasks while operating from limited power sources.

A wake up time of less than 5 microseconds with full status retention from both standby and sleep modes provides full performance on demand and instant reaction to events like external interrupts. Multi-channel direct memory access (DMA) permits data exchange with peripherals in standby mode while the core remains in low-power modes. A true 32-bit real-time clock (RTC) with an alarm requires 1.5 uA of standby current, enabling batteries to operate without servicing for 20 years or longer. A power management module (PMM) offers flexibility to choose the optimum core voltage dynamically for lowest power vs. performance requirements while enabling accurate power on reset and supply voltage supervision with monitoring. A unified clock system (UCS) offers a selection of clocks to achieve the right mix of power and precision, including an option for operation without a crystal.

F5xx devices include peripherals such as RF, USB, encryption, and LCD interfaces. A high-resolution timer offers advanced processing capabilities to enable applications like voice-activated home security systems. Up to 1-Mbyte of linear memory mapping targets robust user interfaces, as well as applications for ZigBee and other low-power RF sensor networks.

The F55xx series with integrated full-speed USB (12Mbps), which includes more than 35 device options, offers enhanced peripheral and analog integration, an expanded memory range covering 8 to 128-kbyte of Flash, increased package options, and several low-cost devices starting at the sub-$1 range. The F55xx devices provide five low-power modes and offer low power consumption in active mode at 200 uA/MHz and standby mode at 2.5 uA. These devices supply a fully integrated LDO powered directly from the 5V bus power.

F54xx devices offer up to 16-kbytes of RAM and up to 256-kbytes Flash. The devices offer read/erase/write capability down to 1.8 V; for applications based on two AAA batteries, Flash write is possible down to the battery end of life voltage of 0.9 V for each battery.

The MSP430F5xx generation is 100 percent instruction set-compatible with earlier-generation MSP430 devices. Package options include both 80- and 100-pin thin quad flatpacks (TQFPs), the latter with additional general-purpose I/Os.