Freescale Semiconductor

Freescale Semiconductor


Targets: Automotive, General Purpose, Other

Freescale Semiconductor HCS08AW Block Diagram

The HCS08AW targets home appliances, kitchen appliances, automotive body electronics, LIN applications, watchdog coprocessors, industrial control, security systems, lighting control systems. The MC9S08AW family introduces 5-volt capability to the S08 devices. This continuation of Freescale's high-end 8-bit microcontroller offering is a suitable upgrade for developers using HC08AZ60. It offers a high pin count along with high-performance analog, including improved ADC, enhanced LVD and multiple communications modules.

This family brings together design functionality and maximum flexibility. Key features include the S08 core, 5-volt capabilities, multiple memory options—up to 64-kbyte flash, 2-kbyte RAM, High-resolution analog—16-channel, 10-bit with enhanced LVD, Multiple communications options—I²C, SPI, dual SCI, 2-channel, 16-bit and 6-channel, 16-bit timer—both capable of PWM generation for motion control applications, COP, LVI, KBI, POR, BDM module and an internal clock generator. There is pin compatibility with HC08AZ60 in some packages.