Freescale Semiconductor

Freescale Semiconductor


Targets: Motor Control

Freescale Semiconductor MC56F8006 Block Diagram

The MC56F8006 targets motor control applications, such as three-phase BLDC motors, variable frequency drives, permanent magnet synchronous motors, and handheld tool motors. Key peripherals include three high-speed comparators, dual 12-bit analog-to-digital controllers (ADCs), two programmable gain amplifiers (PGAs) and a PWM with up to six outputs. The PGAs operate in concert with the ADCs to amplify small signals, increasing the ADC input dynamic range. The PGAs also perform differential-to-single-ended conversion of analog signals and enable precise conversion of analog values. Multiple system faults are detected and processed by on-board hardware to immediately shut down the PWMs in the event of a threatening or dangerous situation.

The MC56F8006 devices are designed to operate at 50 mA at 32 MHz and 3.3 V. The DSC's power-saving features include two power-saving STOP modes, the ability to shut down peripherals independently, and less than six microseconds wake-up time from STOP. The energy-efficient devices feature a low-power crystal oscillator and ADC modules with ultra-low run current and conversion speed.