Freescale Semiconductor

Freescale Semiconductor


Targets: Audio, Imaging & Video

Freescale Semiconductor MPC8610 Block Diagram

The MPC8610 Integrated Host Processor helps robots see and navigate in 3D space, enables touch screen kiosks to recognize voices and facial features, and allows cockpit controls to display images with outstanding resolution. It also enables multi function printers and scanners and single board computers. The MPC8610 integrates a high-performance, superscalar e600 Power Architecture core, operating between 667 MHz and 1.333 GHz (up to 3000 Dhrystone MIPS), with the AltiVec vector processing engine, an LCD controller and I²S/AC97 SSI controllers for audio inputs and outputs.

The device's smaller 256-kbyte backside L2 cache with error correcting code (ECC) saves power and cost for target applications that typically do not require the full 1-Mbyte cache available in other e600-based devices. Maximum power at 1066 MHz is 15 watts at a junction temperature of 105 degrees Celsius.

An LCD controller drives a display with real-time blending of up to three planes, a maximum display resolution of SXGA 1280 × 1024, and display color depth up to 24 bits per pixel (bpp). The audio interface features two synchronous serial interface (SSI) controllers for I²S or AC97 audio inputs/outputs.

Vector processing, called AltiVec technology in Freescale implementations, is built into the Power instruction set architecture. Freescale's e600 cores are used in aerospace and defense applications to process images, map terrain, and navigate.

The MPC8610 host processor is supported by a PCEVALHPCD-8610E application development system, which includes a BSP.