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Targets: Communication & Wired

Freescale Semiconductor MPC8323E Block Diagram

The MPC8323E PowerQUICC II Pro family targets SOHO/consumer applications, such as residential and SOHO gateways, low capacity IP-PBX,wireless access points, virtual private network (VPN) and firewall routers, and other consumer and SOHO networking equipment. The product family provides a migration path for both PowerQUICC I and PowerQUICC II processor product lines. The MPC8323E integrates the enhanced e300c2 core, built on Power Architecture technology. The MPC8323E family targets VoIP gateways without requiring the overhead of a separate DSP.

The Power Architecture core complex includes 16-kbytes of L1 instruction/data caches and operates at core frequencies up to 333 MHz. The architecture supports a system interface unit containing a 32-bit DDR1/2 memory controller, a 32-bit PCI controller and a 16-bit local bus. Other features include a streamlined version of QUICC Engine technology that contains a single 32-bit RISC engine optimized for residential and SOHO networking applications. The single-core RISC engine works with five universal communications controllers (UCCs). Each UCC can be configured to handle a variety of communications protocols, including 10/100 Ethernet, ATM at up to OC-3 speeds, serial and multi-PHY ATM, TDM, HDLC, DUART and BISYNC. The MPC8323E family supports an integrated hardware security engine that enables encryption acceleration to be off-loaded from the CPU core. The security engine provides hardware acceleration for DES, 3DES, AES, SHA-1 and MD-5 algorithms.

With its dual control-plane/data-plane cores and broad multi-protocol support, the MPC8323E is suitable for designing networking products with modular WAN front-ends (supporting Ethernet, ADSL, VDSL2, WiMAX and PON) and modular LAN connectivity (supporting Ethernet switching and IEEE/ 802.11x).

The MPC8323E family is supported by CodeWarrior development tools from Freescale and by an ecosystem of tools, operating systems, middleware and applications from third-party vendors. The MPC8323-MDS-PB development board supports the MPC8323E product family. Members of Freescale's Open QUICC Engine developer program can also provide customized microcode solutions for unique applications.

Freescale offers the MPC8323E-RDB reference board in compact form factor. The reference board features the 333MHz MPC8323E processor, a two-port analog voice FXS interface, a two-port USB 2.0 interface, a 10/100 Ethernet port, a 4-port Fast Ethernet switch, a 32-bit PCI slot, two 32-bit MiniPCI slot, a RS-232C interface and a power supply.