Freescale Semiconductor

Freescale Semiconductor

QorIQ P2

Targets: Communication & Wired

Freescale Semiconductor QorIQ P2 Block Diagram

The QorIQ P2 platform communications processors deliver dual core processing performance in a single core power budget. With dual and single e500-based cores (P2020 and 2010) ranging from 800 MHz to 1.2 GHz, the P2 series offers a compelling migration path for existing PowerQUICC III processor users. The P2 series has a 512-kbyte L2 cache with ECC that may be partitioned between cores and is configurable as SRAM and stashing memory. In addition to three advanced Ethernet controllers with advanced packet parsing, flow control, quality of service features, and IEEE 1588 time-stamping, four SerDes lanes can be portioned across two Serial RapidIO ports, three PCI Express ports and two SGMII ports. The 64-bit SDRAM controller supports both DDR2 and DDR3, and it supports ECC. Other interfaces include SPI, USB, SD/MMC flash support, a DUART, a local bus, and dual I²C.

The QorIQ P2 platform products target networking and telecom line cards and base station channel cards with constrained thermal budgets. The ability to run two copies of an operating system leads to decreased down-time and the ability to upgrade software on the fly. This enables increased reliability, as does ECC on the memory controller. Dual Serial RapidIO interfaces align with the backplane and DSP interconnects being used in base stations. The QorIQ P2 platform targets unified threat managers, carrier-class VoIP media gateways, and wireless media gateways.