Freescale Semiconductor

Freescale Semiconductor


Targets: Automotive, Consumer, Industrial

Freescale Semiconductor MPC52XX Block Diagram

The MPC5200B 32-bit embedded controller targets automotive, industrial and consumer applications that require complex, real-time and reliability control applications that include telematics, navigation, and infotainment as well as industrial automation and control in addition to consumer applications. The, MPC5200B processor has a 603e core built on Power Architecture technology with the performance required to handle a number of simultaneous tasks, such as automotive driver information and rear-seat entertainment systems, plus any number of multi-tasking consumer and industrial applications. The single-core MPC5200 handles central processing unit (CPU) and digital signal processor (DSP) intensive calculations for such applications as voice recognition, acoustic echo cancellation, compressed audio decoding/encoding and video decoding.

The MPC5200B and MPC5200 handle CPU and DSP intensive calculations at speeds up to 466 MHz or 885 MIPS. In addition to a DDR memory controller, the device has an instruction and data MMU, double precision FPU, 10/100 Ethernet media access controller, SPI, PCI 2.2 interface, CAN and USB interfaces and Bestcomm intelligent DMA I/O controller.

The Media5200 and Lite development reference kits are available from Freescale. Development support is available from mobileGT alliance members providing compilers, EVB, debuggers and simulation development environments.