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Targets: Communication & Wired

Freescale Semiconductor MPC8560 Block Diagram

The MPC8560 PowerQUICC III processor targets wired and wireless communications applications, such as enterprise routers and switches, telecommunications switching and transmission equipment, wireless infrastructure, multi-service access platforms, media gateways, SONET controllers and DSLAMs. The MPC8560 processor is a high-performance integrated communications processor containing a core built on Power Architecture technology. Like other PowerQUICC family members, the MPC8560 includes a Communications Processor Module (CPM) supporting multiple protocols and interfaces including multiple 10/100 Ethernet ports, up to two UTOPIA interfaces for OC-3 ATM support, up to 8 TDMs offering support for 8 T1/E1 or 2 T3/E3 connections, HDLC, transparent, and other legacy protocols.

By offering both a high-performance CPU core and an integrated communications engine, the MPC8560 is suitable for applications that require a combination of control plane and data plane processing capabilities. Other key features include the e500 PowerPC core running up to 1 GHz, 256-kbytes L2 cache, dual 10/100/1000 Ethernet controllers, a DDR memory controller, a 64-bit PCI/PCI-X controller, an 8-bit parallel RapidIO controller, a 4-channel DMA, and a multichannel interrupt controller. The MPC8560 support 667 MHz to 1 GHz operation and offers an extended temperature (-40 to 105C) package at 667 MHz.

PowerQUICC III processors are supported by CodeWarrior development tools from Freescale and by an ecosystem of development tools, operating systems, and applications from third-party vendors. The MPC8560ADS-BGA application development system is available for the MPC8560.